Real-world experience and analytics-based solutions to achieve your objectives

A set of unique services underpinned through expertise across hundreds of products and therapeutic areas, first-hand payer decision-maker experience on staff, and dedicated analytic firepower


Value demonstration

Determine the right evidence to demonstrate the full value of your asset

  • Leverage the creative expertise of our agency division in crafting the messages and balancing this with regular input and guidance from the Payer Strategy Team to maintain credibility
  • Use an integrated approach to develop a compelling value message framework that communicates the product value proposition
  • Prepare the critical communication elements that support favorable access decisions
Pricing and access strategy

Identify the optimal price in each targeted geography to achieve access and revenue goals

  • Create pricing model/determination and revenue forecast
  • Develop evidence, price and access strategies
  • Launch and post-launch pricing and contracting strategy
Specialty distribution and support

Develop the optimal distribution network and services for maximum credibility

  • Conduct detailed assessments (via quant and qual primary and secondary research) of customers (HCPs & patients) to best inform support distribution service requirements
  • Advisory services regarding the RFI/RFP process, contract development, training requirements, fair market value, vendor onboarding and development of standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Support implementation of this recommended distribution network